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PreussType : Free Demo Fonts

PreussType DEMO-fonts is an evaluation version of the regular typeface. The Demo fonts contain basic Standard character sets (STD), and are bound by the license terms shown below. By downloading and/or installing the PreussType DEMO-font software you agree to the following license terms:
  1. Each font downloaded is licensed for use at one (1) geographic location, such as an office building, with a maximum of five (2) Devices. Devices are defined as CPUs, workstations, printers, or any device where the font software is rasterized from font software outlines. Multiple copies of the PreussType DEMO-font software may not be downloaded to increase or bypass this limit.
  2. The PreussType DEMO-font software may not be copied or duplicated except for backup purposes. It may not be rented, leased, sold, sublicensed, lent, or otherwise redistributed to another person or entity. Other interested parties must download their own copy directly from the PreussType website.
  3. Any software derived from, or incorporating the PreussType DEMO-font software must be used according to these licensing terms. Any modified version, or any outline information derived from the font software is still licensed for the same number of devices as the original and may not be sublicensed, given away, or sold.
  4. This license does not permit any form of embedding or encrypting of the font software in digital documents or any other form, except as described in the PreussType Embedding License Addendum.


Following fonts can download it here: