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Sans Serif: Compressa Condensed Medium It [STD] [PRO]

Compressa Condensed Medium It

The COMPRESSA typeface family combines a huge spread of weights and widths that is otherwise very difficult to find. So you can choose from a total of 80 single cuts which style suits you best.

The entire clan is divided into five widths, each consisting of 16 individual sections with standardized weights (8 upright and 8 italics), whereby the width of the stems is identical for the weights. Only the width of the styles differs.... A very well thought-out, modern font system.

Now also available as Variable Font. Try it out.

Please download the PDF-Specimen for Details.

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The younger generation in particular should increasingly counter the flattening of form with something sophisticated, so to speak as a visual challenge to a changed media landscape.

[Werner Schneider]
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Cyrillic is unfortunately not available in this font.
Greek is unfortunately not available in this font.
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