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OpenType Features

Many fonts use so-called features, to provide you with a certain intelligence. This alphabetically listed properties give my fonts additional functions. These functions can (but need not) be included in the desired font. Learn the actual font OpenType features included via the link »technical information« in the font preview.

When you click on an icon below, you can learn more information about each feature.

aalt - Access all Alternates
case - Case-Sensitive Forms
cpsp - Capital Spacing
cswh - Contextual Swash
c2sc - Small Caps from Capitals
dlig - Discretionary Ligatures
dnom - Denominators
frac - Fractions
hist - Historical Forms
hlig - Historical Ligatures
kern - Kerning
liga - Standard Ligatures
lnum - Lining Figures
locl - Localized Forms
numr - Numerators
onum - Oldstyle Figures
ordn - Ordinals
ornm - Ornaments
pnum - Proportional Figures
salt - Stylistic Alternates
sinf - Scientific Inferiors
size - Optical size
smcp - Small Capitals
ss01 - Stylistic Set 01 -20
subs - Subscript
swsh - Swashes
titl - Titling
tnum - Tabular Figures
zero - Slashed Zero


More information about this topic, see this address: http://www.microsoft.com/typography/otspec/ttoreg.htm