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Info about PreussType Fonts

All offered fonts are according to the PreussType standards. The elaborate development work of a type family lasts up to several years till the finishing meets these standards of technical specifications and the aesthetic expectations.

With the regular standard character encoding (Basic Latin-1, as known from Type-1) you get also extended Latin character encodings as Latin-Extended-A and numerous characters, which are indispensable for good typographic work. With our fonts you will be able to write texts in most Latin languages. In addition PreussType fonts contain the German cap and small cap letter Eszett / sharp s (majuscule ß), which is also incorporated in the Unicode font.

We do not have to point out that all PreussType fonts are PRO fonts, as PRO is our own standard. PreussType fonts are available in the following configurations:


You will receive additional information about technical details on these pages:


You will find more details on the individual font sample page.