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Info about PreussType Variable Fonts [VF]

In addition to the different extension levels (STD, PRO and PLUS) of PreussType fonts I can now also offer you so-called Variable Fonts with the same extension level. Below you will find some information on the topic; however, I recommend that you simply download a trial font from PreussType with the help of the information and play a little...

I firmly believe that this format is the "next big thing" in font technology, as it offers enormous potential and possibilities for users - not only in the area of web fonts. PreussType is already ready for this.

Just have a look at what PreussType can already offer you today for this dream.

OpenType variable fonts are an adaptation of Apple's TrueType GX font variations to OpenType. The technology allows software to access any design instance for a continuous range of designs defined within the font. When a specific design instance has been selected, the glyph outlines or other data values for that design instance are computed as font data is being processed during text layout and rasterization.

The technology uses interpolation and extrapolation mechanisms that have been supported in font-development tools and used by font designers for many years. In that paradigm, the font designer creates a variable design, but then chooses specific instances to generate as static, non-variable fonts that get distributed to customers. With variable fonts, however, the font produced and distributed by the font designer can have built-in variability, and the interpolation mechanisms can now be built into operating systems and Web browsers or other applications, with specific design instances selected at time of use.

One of the key benefits of the technology is that it can significantly reduce the combined size of font data whenever multiple styles are in use. On the Web, this may allow a site to use more font styles while at the same time reducing page load times. A further benefit is that it give access to a continuous range of style variations, which can provide benefits for responsive design.


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Now I am pleased to inform you that I can present VariableFonts in my portfolio. Besides the (static) version of all my fonts I plan to offer you in the near future successive and parallel the VariableFont version. Just drop by again sometime...

Click here for the Variable Fonts offered by PreussType.